Cycle routes from Addiscombe: Farleigh and Fickleshole

July 6th, 2005

This is about 10 miles (I haven’t measured it yet) and takes me about 90 minutes. It’s on the road and quite hilly.

Start at Upper Shirley Road, Map and proceed up the hill to the junction at the top. Turn right, crossing the tram-tracks, and immediately left into Ballards’ Way. The road descents steeply and you should take the third left into Crest Road. At the end of the road cross over and go down the footpath opposite. It says “no cycling” – you may or may not want to ignore that! Turn left at the end into Littleheath Road, and cycle uphill to the T-junction at the top. Turn right into Foxearth Road, and immediately left. You’re now at the traffic lights in Selsdon. Map
Go straight over into Old Farleigh Road, which has several ups and downs. Keep going until you pass through the GLA boundary and onto a plateau. The view opens up and you pass a couple of farms. Cycle on along the road and turn left by the Harrow Inn into Harrow Road.
From here, just keep going straight on at the next two junctions. Take the next left (it’s adjacent to a field with a reservoir in it) into a narrow road. Follow the road to a T-junction (by a farm with a big radio mast) and turn left. This is a slightly bigger road, but still quiet. Follow it until you come to the White Bear pub at Fickleshole. Turn left (signed Selsdon, Croydon) and go down the lane, passing the Scout camp and golf courses until you reach the traffic lights at the bottom. Turn right, and then go straight on at the roundabout. After the roundabout, turn immediately left (traffic lights) over the tramtracks and join the cycle path alongside the main road. About 50m further on, the cycle path branches – take the left fork and join Addington Village Road. At the church, join the main road and follow it round to the left and up Spout Hill, which is 1-in-6 but not very long. At the top of the hill, pass through the width restriction and onto Shirley Church Road, which brings you down hill to a pair of miniroundabouts: go straight through (first exit) on each one. At the end of the road it rejoins Upper Shirley Road. Fin.

Riding my bicycle!

July 6th, 2005

Why has it taken me so long to get back on my bike? I think I’ve been Too Busy and deluding myself that I wasn’t fit enough. Anyway, I dragged it from the shed last week and rode off to Halfords in search of some replacement handlebar grips. Whilst there, I obtained a discounted cycling jersey and shorts. What a difference! No more getting hot and sweaty going uphill, only to get cold and sweaty coming down again. I’ve now been out on the bike about half-a-dozen times, mostly first thing in the morning.