Pictures at long last

October 29th, 2007

Here are the pictures from the trip – sorry it took so long!

One month in…

October 29th, 2007

So, the PhD’s been going for a month, what have I learned?

  • Freshers’ Week as a postgrad living in a B&B is dull as ditchwater – you barely see anyone in the evenings.
  • Access to journals online when you’re away from your University is patchy. Some work with the marvellous ATHENS system, but others just refuse to work off-campus(IEEE Xplore, I’m looking at you)
  • Cambridge University Library will let you use its computers/wifi to gain access to electronic journals
  • It takes two hours to get to work by bus from Waterbeach, mostly because of the huge queue for the A14
  • Cycling to work is good, and takes about 45 minutes
  • Cycling home from work in the rain results in being covered in fine grit from the towpath
  • It takes ages to get an office at BAS – I still haven’t got one of my own yet!
  • BAS kindly bought me a new laptop to work on. Woo!
  • The domestic battery on Innocenti is even more knackered than I’d thought.
  • The battery selector switch on Innocenti actually parallels the two batteries in all positions other than “off”
  • The new pumpout facility in Cambridge now costs £3 – it was free before the refurbishment
  • The coal stove can actually heat the boat effectively, but the chimney doesn’t draw very well because it’s too short and too narrow.
  • Rowing eights sometimes arrive at Bottisham Lock at 8am, just as I’m leaving to go to work

I’m getting there, slowly!