Firewood win – trailer fail

April 20th, 2009

Yesterday afternoon I went across town to get some firewood. I haven’t actually lit the fire all that recently because the weather’s been mild, but I probably should do as the fire helps to reduce the humidity inside the boat. Anyway, I biked off to the south side of town where a lady from church had a job lot of logs to get rid of. When I arrived, it turned out that these were old fruit trees that had sat nicely under a tarpaulain for three years, so were beautifully dry and seasoned. I’d brought my long-handled axe (a birthday present, thanks Mum & Dad!) and a splitting wedge and mallet, and was pleased to discover that the wedge made short work of breaking up the logs and then it was easy to cut them into convenient chunks with the axe. It’s also extremely satisfying!
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April 17th, 2009

I come from a fairly green-fingered family. My mum is an enthusiastic gardener and her parents were also very keen. Perhaps its because I’m getting a bit older, perhaps it’s because I have my own space to work with, but I’m slowly getting into the whole gardening thing.

Last year I tried growing baby plum tomatoes (a variety called “Rosada”) in pots on the foredeck – and they did really well, despite a certain amount of neglect during my absence! This year, with the boat in the much more public environment of Midsummer Common, I decided to be a bit more ambitious.

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