Planes and automobiles

November 21st, 2005

I’ve made another video, with footage of our aircraft and some of the vehicles on base. I hope you enjoy it! You should be able to play it with Quicktime or Media Player Classic.

Planes and Automobiles

5 Responses to “Planes and automobiles”

  1. Susz Says:

    These videos are really good. If you’re doing requests, can we have one of you working? ;)

  2. BillPJ Says:

    Makes me think of a book I once read called ‘Mighty Machines Board’ (here ‘once’ >>1); you might remember it! Eat your hart out Mr Adam Davies!

  3. Matthew Says:

    Continuing the video requests theme: I’d like to see some of the expirements being done in and around the station. Possibly they aren’t set up yet though. In the meantime how about a tour of the main building?

  4. Matt Says:

    Finally got round to watching this. Nice stereo pan as the Dash 7 takes off … real, or an artificial labour of love? Nice work again. Keep them coming!

    Any chance of getting to see your colleagues, or are they camera shy? :-)

  5. MichaelP-J Says:

    The stereo pan was entirely real – I’ve got a stereo microphone.

    I’m hoping to do some video with my colleagues and the inside of the base, but that’ll have to wait for a less busy period – video gets orders of magnitude more complicated when it involves organising other people!

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