Admirals House

Admirals is the main accomodation building at Rothera. It was built in 2000, and it’s Ikea-like interior design is due to the fact that the main contractor was a Swedish company, Top-Housing. The building consists of one long corridor with bedrooms on each side. There is also a laundry, various storerooms and a central lobby with a table-tennis table and a small verandah, mostly used by smokers.

Admirals bedroom
My bedroom, in one of its tidier moments
Each bedroom has two bunks, a corner desk and a little modular shower room, which also contains a toilet and washbasin. There are 44 bedrooms in all. The rooms on the western side are more sought after, as they have a view across the runway to the mountains. The eastern rooms have an unglamorous view of Fuchs or Bransfield!

Admirals bootroom
Admirals Bootroom – here you take off your outdoor clothing when you come inside