Bransfield House

Bransfield is the main building at Rothera, and has been hacked about and extended considerably over the years. This will be its last winter in its present form – next year it will be partially replaced by a new building on North Beach (provisionally called New Bransfield House at present).

Bransfield contains:

  • the dining room and kitchen
  • the bar
  • the library
  • physical science laboratories
  • management offices
  • the doctor’s surgery
  • the gym
  • the food stores for dry groceries
  • TV rooms and the video library
  • the Operations Tower
  • the reverse-osmosis (RO) plant for making fresh water

Until 2000, when Admirals opened, Bransfield was also used as accomodation for winterers.

Attached to Bransfield by a link corridor is the Garage, where the vehicles are maintained, and the Old Generator Shed, now used as a store for physical science equipment