A new chapter

August 5th, 2007

Hello again! Since I last wrote the final details of my PhD have slotted into place, and I’m now pretty happy with how it’s set up. There are a few minor things still to get sorted, but it looks like a goer. This means I’m committed to spending the next three years of my life in Cambridge, and so I’ll need somewhere to live. In fact, I’ve decided to buy a narrowboat – and managed to find one I like at a price I can afford. It’s being surveyed this week (probably on Wednesday) and after that I’ll be embarking on a four-week trip from the outskirts of Liverpool down to Cambridge and passing through quite a lot of the Midlands on the way. I’ll be keeping this blog updated with the progress!

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  1. John C. Kirk Says:

    (Sorry for pseudo-anonymous posting, the OpenID link seems to be broken.)

    Congratulations on getting the PhD sorted out, and I hope that goes well. The narrowboat sounds pretty cool, and if we keep getting flooded then you’ll probably be better off than people in “conventional” homes :) How big is it compared to the one we used in 2005?

  2. Simeon Says:

    Great tales here. Do you have an RSS for your blog? I’d like to add it to my reader.
    Simeon (Neko)

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