Leonie Island

September 3rd, 2006

Leonie is one of the more prominent local landmarks – a big triangular rock-face that rises out of Ryder Bay – but it’s 9km away, and normally only accessible by boat. However, the sea-ice situation is now good enough to travel there and climb the mountain, so last week various groups went out to have a go.

Leonie Island – it’s the triangular face to the right of the big iceberg

To travel that distance we ride skidoos towing dog-sledges – these are Nansen sledges with a platform at the back for you to stand on. Originally they were towed by teams of huskies, hence the name.
The most prominent gully on Leonie fills with snow each winter and makes for a straightforward if quite long climb up to the summit. It’s known as “Gateway to Antarctica” in the climbing guide.
Tim, Jamie and I climbed it one afternoon – and enjoyed the view from the top in the sunset light.

Leonie close to

Leonie from the bottom

tim and jamie on the summit

Tim and Jamie on the summit

2 Responses to “Leonie Island”

  1. waterdon Says:

    Please show more mountain photographs O intrepid explorers!

    Do all personell get to make field trips?

  2. Michael P-J Says:

    waterdon – all the wintering staff get two field trips during the winter.

    In the summer season most staff get to go on co-pilot flights (which can sometimes last for a few days) and to spend some time working at remote depots like Fossil Bluff and Sky Blu. Last summer I had one co-pilot trip to Fossil Bluff, one co-pilot to Sky Blu and the Ellsworth Mountains, and ten days doing depot work – a week at Fossil Bluff and three days at Sky Blu.

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