Time flies

September 29th, 2006

And it really does, too. Where did the winter go? Suddenly Mat and Tom are out clearing snow from the apron and runway ready for the planes to arrive in 3-4 weeks time. Another month has gone by, and I’m sorry for neglecting the writing and still photos in favour of videos recently. Here’s a brief catch-up of some of what’s happened…

Helen, stuck at Rothera on a winter trip in indifferent weather, pursuaded Tom M and various other people to help her build an igloo on top of the point. This is quite fiddly but very satisfying – you have to cut wedge-shaped blocks of snow using a saw and then position them carefully to make the dome shape. I turned up just as the last few courses of blocks were being placed, and got pressed into acting as human scaffolding, holding the blocks until they were wedged in and stable.
Helen and Ags spent the night in the igloo, but overnight the weather worsened and they woke up covered in 5cm of snow, which had blown in through the door and the cracks between the snow blocks. Subsequently, Helen’s packed the blocks with soft snow and built an entranceway around the door hole, which makes it much more weathertight!

tom building igloo

Tom placing blocks

igloo building

finished igloo

The completed igloo

In other news, I’ve been interviewed by The Guardian newspaper for a new feature called “Readers’ Lives”. I subscribe to the Digital Edition of the paper and print the weekend editions for everyone to read. When the weather’s bad everyone lounges round the dining room on a weekend morning, drinking tea and coffee, eating toast and reading the paper. It’s very civilised! Anyway, my interview should be in the Saturday edition of the paper.

I’ve also been out to help Helen do a CTD, watched by an interested but otherwise totally passive juvenile Weddell seal and tried to get all the IT and radio systems ready for the coming season. We’re also starting to clean and tidy the areas of the base that have been out of use for the last eight months, and tomorrow I’m on digging duty over by the hangar. Catch you later…

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  1. Mike Armstrong Says:

    Nice one, but I’m not sure the “station geek” lable does you justice!

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