Day 35: the Cape of Good Hope

July 29th, 2010

Today the thesis has made it into Chapter 6 (out of a total of 8 planned), although I’ve yet to write anything in Chapter 1 and Chapter 5 is waiting for a few extra model runs next week. As I wrote, the rise and fall of the water in the canal led to the boat assuming a variety of interestingly jaunty angles as it went gently aground and refloated.
We tootled down the locks to Leamington, which is a nice town really but never really looks very inviting from the canal. Some kids threw stones at us too – lovely!
We crossed over the River Avon on an aqueduct and were greeted by Warwick’s large canalside Tesco and then two boatyards. The final two locks of the day are outside the Cape of Good Hope pub, where we found a handy mooring spot – though Mike managed to fall over, graze his elbow and nearly fall in the canal while mooring… poor Mike!

Day 35: Longhole Bridge to Cape Top Lock, 6 miles and 7 locks.
Total so far: 383 miles and 243 locks. Thesis now 12024 words and 63 pages.

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