Day 36: Hatton Flight

July 30th, 2010

This morning was one of my less productive days in terms of thesis-writing, although I did do quite a lot of thesis-thinking. Then I was thwarted by a printer failure (honestly, HP, your ink cartridges shouldn’t just stop working with an “invalid cartridge” error for no reason) and then the phone rang, so yes, rather a messy morning.
This afternoon we ascended Hatton Flight, all 21 locks of it, and at the third lock it started to rain. Fortunately it was light showery rain for half an hour or so, and then we continued upwards in the dry. I got a text from my Dad reminding me that 30 years ago, a four-month-old me ascended Hatton flight on my parents’ first boat holiday, and that I’m the same age now that my Dad was then…

At the top lock we stopped to fill the water tank and have a piece of cake from the rather nice cafe (about 10 minutes from the M40, should anyone be looking for a non-motorway-service station lunch sometime) and we’ve now continued on another mile or so to Hatton village itself. Tomorrow we’ll take the train back to Banbury (20 minutes!) to retrieve the car…

Day 36: Cape of Good Hope to Hatton, 4 miles and 21 locks.
Total so far 387 miles and 264 locks. Thesis 12290 words and 64 pages.

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  1. LornaJane Says:

    My parents have started doing that too “when I was your age, I was having you” … well that’s lovely, and I’m glad they did! Maybe they’re just nostalgic for their own youth?

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