A profitable spring clean

April 30th, 2010

A couple of weeks ago I gave the office a much-needed clear-out. Amongst my discoveries were a selection of old mobile phones (a 2004-vintage Sony Ericsson P910i and an even older (2002?) Ericssson T39m) and my old and long-dead Acer laptop computer. I wanted rid of them – and checked on the internet about recycling them. The mighty MoneySavingExpert is full of good advice on dealing with old phones. Their price comparison system recommended Fonebank who duly offered me £8 for my still-just-about-functional P910i. They wouldn’t give me cash for my ancient T39m, but would take it for recycling. I popped the phones to a padded envelope and sent them to the Freepost address supplied. They emailed back to confirm receipt, and a day or two later I received a cheque for £8.

The old and knackered Acer (it developed a motherboard fault and wouldn’t power up) I had thought was good for nothing. A Google search for “laptop recycling” turned up Laptop-Recycling.com (obviously!) and I filled in the form for a quote. I got a reply the following day – they would offer me £10 for my laptop and send a courier to collect it. I’ve sent the machine off and they’ve acknowledged receipt. My cheque should arrive next week.