Back 2 skool

April 18th, 2007

On Monday, I started a Spanish course at La Montaña language school in Bariloche. They´re very friendly and with the weakness of the Argentine peso the course is extremely good value. There are three students in my class, which runs from nine until one every morning (with a half-hour break for coffee and medialunas – Argentine croissants) and Flavia, our teacher, is working hard to help us get our heads around tenses, prepositions and all that jazz.
It´s mostly quite wet in Bariloche at the moment but we are having some good days from time to time. I´m leaving Bariloche on Sunday – I´ve just been to the station and bought my train ticket.

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  1. LornaJane Says:

    Buenos tardes, amigo!

    I studied Spanish at school and I’m sure you will pick up enough to get by – I’m very impressed you are investing the time to learn, you’ll get a lot more out of your trip as a result I’m sure. Enjoying the various updates from various places, take care!

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