April 19th, 2008

I’ve had a very good day today. It started auspiciously at Screwfix, when they had all four of the things I wanted, and therefore clearly the gods of DIY were looking favourably on me…

So I came home and attacked the ceramic floor tiles in the office area with the brick bolster, and gradually scraped the up. The first few were quite easy, but the last couple were really tough. Anyway, having removed them and cleaned up the mess, I set about putting some new flooring down. I’ve gone with cork tiles as being cheap and easy to lay, despite the fact that they were last in fashion in around 1976. The tiles stick down fairly easily and they’re fairly neat, but I’m not going to be taking up a job as a floor layer anytime soon, as on close inspection they’re a bit amateurish. Still, it’s better than bare boards.

Buoyed up by enthusiasm, I then set about hacking around the last unit from the three-piece set of office furniture. This is supposed to be a PC tower unit, which incorporates two narrow drawers and a cupboard. By brutal application of a panel saw, I was able to cut it down to just the right width to fit alongside the filing unit, and further sawing turned one of the left-over pieces into a little bridging piece, so I now have a continuous run of worktop!

new units
The ex-PC unit (left) and the filing unit (right) making up the new office/wardrobe furniture

Above the two storage units I’ve now mounted a clothes rail, so I can finally hang up my clothes sensibly! The drawers and cupboards are now a mixture of pants, socks, jumpers, stationery, electronics and files…

all done!
A place for everything, and everything in its place

Further excitement was provided by the arrival late on Friday of some new appliances. Mum and Dad kindly gave me some birthday money which I was able to make go a long way by buying a factory-repaired breadmaker and espresso machine on eBay. I’m now enjoying good bread and good coffee, and both will work off the inverter, although I think that recharging the batteries fairly soon after each loaf will probably be a good idea!

loaf and espresso
Fresh bread and fresh coffee. Does it get better than this?

So, domestic bliss is increasingly within reach…

3 Responses to “Espresso”

  1. LornaJane Says:

    That sounds like a very good day indeed :)

  2. Andrew Says:

    Ummm, fresh bread, looks like domestic bliss, well now I have soemthing to aim for. ;)

  3. Linda Says:

    I’ll be doing some DIY too this bank holiday (UK) – don’t know if I could quite match your efforts though. Espresso is a very good investment!

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