Information overload

September 11th, 2005

Firstly, my apologies for having not written anything for at least a month – I’ve been really busy, mostly away from home, and almost always without my laptop. As I write this, I’m in an internet cafe in Cambridge, having finally had a spare day to sit down and write…

Anyway, here’s what I’ve been up to:

  • I went to Edinburgh to take the Marine Long Range Certificate course
  • Whilst there, I took in the delights of the Fringe and went flying in a microlight with my uncle.
  • I went to Maidenhead (woo!) for a Novell Netware administration course, which was unremarkable but useful
  • I went to Aberdeen for a satellites course

After all that, I’ve been in Cambridge for the last week, for the BAS Briefing Conference and First Aid course. The conference is basically a big get-together for all the people going South this season – it’s a chance for everyone to meet one another and you learn a huge amount about how BAS works and how to live in the Antarctic. It’s then followed up by a very intensive First Aid course, run by the BAS Medical Unit, who are based at the A&E department of Derriford Hospital in Plymouth. More on this later…

The first big surprise of Conference was that your pack of essential bumf contained a travel schedule: and I’m going earlier than I’d previously thought. In fact, my departure date is October 20th, flying from RAF Brize Norton to Stanley in the Falklands. I’m then due to stay in Stanley for ten days and then transfer to Rothera on November 1st. However, it’s likely that I’ll end up delayed by weather, so I could be in the Falklands for several weeks!
I think I might actually be doing some work in Stanley – there’s talk of doing some radio operations and flight following in the control tower at Stanley Airport, which will be useful experience.
I’ve now met most of the team that’ll be wintering with me at Rothera – we all seem like a good bunch – and there are two people staying on for a second winter. In all, there’ll be twenty-one of us. I’ve also met two of my three radio operators – we’re being loaned two trainee pilots from the Royal Navy, Mark and Owen, and they’re going to be spending half their time doing radio ops work, and the other half doing ground crew and co-piloting duties with the Air Unit.
We’ve also had to order our booze for the winter: 1000 units each! I’ve ordered 3 cases of each of Lancaster Bomber, London Pride and Bishop’s Finger, 1 case of Boddingtons, plus some whisky, gin, port and wine.
My other discovery is that I’ll probably be returning later than I’d thought. I’ve told most people that I’m leaving at the end of February 2007. In fact, I’m likely to be staying until Last Call, in mid-March, and returning to Stanley on the RRS Ernest Shackleton. This introduces a further dilemma – if I stay out of the UK until after the tax year begins on April 6th, then I’ll be able to claim the lower British Antarctic Territory rate (currently 7%) of income tax, so it looks like I’ll be taking a holiday in South America before I return to the UK…

4 Responses to “Information overload”

  1. John C. Kirk Says:

    Would the March departure still apply if you stay out there until 2008? Or is that fairly unlikely anyway?

  2. Michael P-J Says:

    Yes, it would – my job is needed until the very end of the summer season. As for taking a second winter, I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it, probably in March/April 2006.

  3. Matthew Says:

    That’s a staggering amount of booze. What happens if you’re TT? Are you revlied for reducing the amount of inkahol on the base or lauded for allowing everyone else to take more?

  4. Michael P-J Says:

    People who are low/non -drinkers often order an assortment of stuff that they think will be popular and then trade it later. The genuinely teetotal just don’t order any, I think…

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