Pumps ‘n’ pipes

May 23rd, 2009

When I was a little boy, my greenfingered Mum would drag me round the garden centre. I was always fascinated by the hoses, fittings, sprinklers and other such things – the plants were so boring! Anyway, I’ve constructed myself a rather Heath Robinson arrangement for watering the growbags on the boat’s roof with river water.

The first stage is a Plastimo pump, obtained from Marinestore Chandlers for £15.


The end of the pump’s suction hose needs to be held underwater. Unfortunately the hose floats, so I’ve cable-tied a milk bottle full of water to it to keep it under the surface.


The outlet from the hoze goes to some 25mm plastic piping. I had some difficulty getting connectors for this piping so I ended up with 22mm copper teepieces held on with the inevitable Jubilee clips


The pipes deliver water into the reservoirs of four Speed Feed units which actually water the growbags:


The garden’s growing nicely! Tomorrow, tomatoes and climbing French beans…

2 Responses to “Pumps ‘n’ pipes”

  1. Rich Says:

    A true “heath robinson” device would have required more string and less professionalism.

  2. John and Jackie Says:

    We want one too!!

    Perhaps we can rig up direct drive from our Rutland 913 to pump the water.

    That would use a lot of string. And cable ties. And gaffer tape!

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