September 27th, 2009

Today was Open Boat Day, a kind of vaguely annual event organised by the Camboaters’ Association. About a dozen boats moored up together at Jesus Green and opened our homes to the curious general public. Including mine. I reckon that over a hundred people tramped through Innocenti and asked questions… and now I’m surprisingly tired!
A couple of highlight moments from the afternoon:

– a small boy, maybe around eight, scampered in down the back steps and said decisively “Kitchen, awesome!” and then disappeared into the main cabin. He reappeared a few minutes later with his Dad and said to me “your boat’s awesome!” and gave me a double thumbs up. Always nice to be awesome! Though I suspect his Dad may get “Why can’t we live on a boat?” questions for days afterwards…

– various of my neighbours and friends came to help out. James and Amy from Lucky Duck were around all day, and James and Emma from Kestrel appeared midafternoon. James Kestrel and I were standing in the kitchen drinking tea and talking boaty, and apparently several people thought we were an item! One chap fortunately asked his wife her opinion in front of Emma – who quickly made it clear that James was very definitely hers! We all laughed about that all afternoon!

Questions I was asked – “Do you live on it all year round?”, “Is it cold in winter?”, “How much work is it?”, “Do you like it?” and so on. I did speak to several people who were keen to move afloat themselves – and to a lot of others that said “oh, we walk our dogs on the common and have always been curious to see what the boats are like”. A good day all round though, and certainly good for general community relations.

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