Collaborations, collaborations

January 15th, 2010

Well, I’ve been here for a week now, and I’m now getting pretty well-known around the CRC campus. Everyone’s been very friendly and lots of people have taken an interest in my work. This afternoon I gave a talk on my research – the longest I’ve ever done, at 45 minutes – to an audience of interested experts, and lots of discussion and questions ensued. I’ve also been offered the use of a lab full of shiny toys – actually, the sort of stuff I’d have gnawed my own arm off to have had the use of in my first year – and so I shall be moving in there pretty soon to do some more channel simulation work. One question that did come up this afternoon after the talk was “what exactly will your thesis be on?” – which is a very good question! I need to decide pretty soon which of the many interesting bits of the project I’m going to concentrate on for the remaining time before I down tools and get writing.

This evening I’ve been to choir practice at Christ Church Aylmer (to which I was invited on Sunday) and enjoyed singing with a new group of people. Oh, and at lunchtime I went to the gym with four of the guys from CRC, and I suspect I will feel the aftereffects tomorrow!

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