Day 10: Midsummer

June 21st, 2010

I’m in Northampton, after a glorious afternoon’s cruise from Wellingborough. Today was a Good Day – I sent the first chapter of my thesis away to my supervisors for review, and the weather became properly summery. I had assistance through three of today’s twelve locks, which was a welcome change, and generally enjoyed the beautiful scenery and sunshine.

I had planned to stop at Weston Favell, in the Washlands nature reserve, but since it was only a short way (and two locks) into Northampton, I thought I’d press on. The last two locks turned out to be a) against me and b) bastard hard work. Oh well.

This evening I’ve mooched into the town, found some fish and chips and recce’d a laundrette for tomorrow…

Day 10: Wellingborough to Northampton, 13 miles and 12 locks
Total so far: 121 miles and 43 locks. Thesis 5713 words and 26 pages.

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