Supplies, supplies

March 30th, 2006

Since the Ernest Shackleton arrives it’s been all hands on deck to unload the cargo – there’s food and supplies for the winter, building materials for the second season’s construction work on the new building and lots and lots of fuel – for the base itself and for the air operations next season.
We’ve also unloaded the bond – the stocks of alcohol – for the next eight months…

Watching the Shackleton arrive

Watching the Shackleton arrive at dusk

Whilst the ship is in, all the winterers have been to see the dentist, who comes in to each base at last call. My teeth are healthy, although I’ve been reminded about the importance of flossing!
This was a slightly surreal experience, as the light swell at the wharf allows the ship to demonstrate its legendary vomit-inducing roll, even whilst tied up. Having your teeth scaled whilst the chair, surgery and dentist all roll gently from side to side is a bit bizaare, but you get used to it. What’s worse is walking back to the gangway having got used to the ship’s motion and seeing the land heaving up and down. Wierd!

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  1. Paul Says:

    Heh, more chance of seing a dentist than in t’ UK!

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