World Cup fever

June 11th, 2006

Yes, the general excitement over the World Cup even reaches to Rothera. We have about half-a-dozen committed football fans on base, so we’re expecting a lot of discussion of Rooney’s metatarsal and the offside rule for the next month or so.
Thanks to the magic of the internet (and the committed efforts of my former housemate Steve) we were able to watch the England-Paraguay game last night, after a tense day of threatening to tell the fans the score (one-nil, in case you hadn’t noticed).

The other thing that happens with this kind of major event is that the media get interested. A phone call from the Press Office – do you have a St. George’s flag? Yes, we do. Can you take a picture with some people, a flag, and some icebergs to send to The Sun?

Of course we could.

Polar Hero England supporters
The original picture – left-to-right: Helen, Jamie, Mark S, Kai and Richard H

When the paper came out, we found that they’d cropped Richard Hall out of the picture, much to many people’s amusement!

clipping from The Sun

How it appeared in The Sun

2 Responses to “World Cup fever”

  1. Paul Says:

    The Sun — we love it!

  2. Cy Says:

    I reckon you should have sold them to the Daily Sport

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