Booking and buying

June 28th, 2005

I’ve now been working at BAS HQ for just over a week, and settling into the way things are done here. I’ve also found out what I’m going to be doing in terms of training courses and booked travel and accomodation for them. So, starting from the 25th July, I’m doing basic UNIX and Netware, mast and structure climbing at Western Power in Taunton, Marine Long Range Certificate in Edinburgh, Netware administration in London, satellite systems in Aberdeen, field training in Derbyshire, aeronautical radio in Cambridge, HF maintenance in Redhill and metereology in Cambridge. And I’m learning to drive a “cherry picker” hydraulic platform, which is clearly the best bit! I’ve also been able to fulfill a long desire of mine: I’m going to Edinburgh and Aberdeen on the Caledonian Sleeper which seems to have become insanely cheap: APEX return tickets to Edinburgh for £89 and to Aberdeen for £99 – bargain!
My work at the moment consists of doing the “indent” – at this time of year the bases send in their requests for new and replacement equipment for the coming year – and I’m going through all the lists of stuff and ordering it. So far, I’ve ordered about £8,500 of radio gear and GPS sets, and £1600 of electronic bits from RS, of which about £500 was Duracell batteries!

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