Digging out

July 22nd, 2006

Digging out is a common task down here – stuff gets buried in snow all the time. Admirals House generates its own personal snowdrift, which comes up over the windows and reaches the eaves. Because the windows of the bedrooms are an emergency exit, they have to be dug out regularly.

This video shows me digging out my bedroom window, as seen from inside. It’s sped up by a factor of 8.

digging out window

3 Responses to “Digging out”

  1. Paul Says:

    Puts the UK in perspective. On December 28th (two days after my car’s gearbox fell out), our entire train line was closed, with no replacement bus, because there was a light dusting of snow.

    Seen any alien bases yet? Any blue glowing rings?

  2. Louise Says:

    And you never even stopped for tea!

  3. Michael P-J Says:

    Louise – if you watch closely, you’ll see that I stopped a couple of times to answer the radio!

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