Comments are back!

August 1st, 2006

Thanks to Mike A for pointing out that the comments system was still broken. I’ve fixed it now, so please let me have your comments on my ramblings and videos!

6 Responses to “Comments are back!”

  1. MikeA Says:

    Testing, testing, 1,2,3…..

  2. MikeA Says:

    it works :)

  3. mpj_test@livejournal Says:


  4. Michael P-J Says:

    Okay, so LiveJournal support is working now. Finally. Phew!

  5. Dave Ball Says:

    Reading about your jolly out up the old shambles when i became disturbed over an obvious misprint “heated handelbars” on the skidoo! P LLLease this is not the rugged image that FIDS portray. There is an image to keep up, Im not sure what it is but it does not include heated handgrips.
    Thanks for your effort with the blog its interesting to see whats going on down south. Dave Ball, scradge mechanic,Adelaide winter 76, summer Rothera 76/77

  6. Michael P-J Says:

    Dave – nice to hear from someone who did all this in the days when life down South was altogether more rugged! You’ll be pleased to hear that beards are still popular (currently 53% of the men on base have one), as are the old-school rugged Norwegian wool pullovers, moleskin trousers and ventile jackets.

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